Episode 20: Women of NAEBA II

Aug 17, 2021Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents share strategies for homebuyers in a competitive market. What is an escalation clause? When do I do a pre-contract home inspection and why? What is a home sale contingency?

Episode Notes

Begins with a round-up of what’s happening in markets –

5:30 Silver Medaling- what is it and how does it help homebuyers?

6:40 Charlotte Lemon talks about Charleston market the luxury market is experiencing competition much like the traditional home market

7:50 EBA’s are a team with our buyers and how we have a partnership with our buyer clients-genuine relationship with our clients

8:36 Savannah Georgia home buyers who have to sell a house before they buy a house.

9:34 having a home sale contingency when buying a home-strategies for homebuyers to make your offer stronger

11.44 Rona talks about home sale contingencies and how they make it difficult for an offer to be accepted.

Post occupancy agreement

14:30 rental market is as challenging as the home sale market

17:07 what is an escalation clause? And strategies on how to use it in a competitive situation

20:00 we work for our buyers and we do what our buyers want us to do

21:00 Rona talks strategy for homebuyers in a competitive market including the pre-contract home inspection

22:25 rubber roof that was installed improperly and Rona talks about not waiving the home inspection

24:00 buyer remorse is real and we work hard to avoid that with our buyers

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