Episode 47: Listen Up Homebuyers – Housing For Everyone with Peggy Bailey

Apr 29, 2024Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

On this episode of Listen Up Home Buyers, meet Peggy Bailey, Vice President of Housing and Income Security at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Ms. Bailey talks with host Victoria Ray Henderson about housing issues and housing insecurity.

Episode Notes

Peggy Bailey is the Vice President of Housing and Income Security, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Her work protects and expands access to affordable housing, improves state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), focuses on child support programs and expands employment opportunities to housing and cash assistance recipients.

Before joining the Center, Peggy served in the Biden/Harris Administration as the Senior Advisor on Rental Assistance to HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge.

She recently testified before the Senate Banking Committee on housing.

1:45 People simply don’t have the money to afford housing

Too many families are paying more than 40 – 60 percent of their income on housing

Landlords have to charge a certain amount of money to pay the mortgage and maintain the building

Minimum rent is out of reach for too many people

Multifaceted problem, where do you start?

Multi family housing is being developed but most of it is being priced in the upper end of affordability

3:58 Government subsidy to afford high rental cost

4:10 there are pockets of innovation, European countries are taking a more social approach to housing

4:55 People need flexibility regarding where they can live

5:19 Child care is a major factor with housing costs

6:00 Families don’t have enough money to afford their basic needs

6:36 Housing justice, everyone has a right to housing

7:04 Housing is a basic need like food and clothing

7:48 Rent mitigation and rent cost containment

8:12 Leveling the playing field and racial injustice with housing

8:25 Racism and discrimination underlines most if not all of the things we’ve used in the past as solutions

8:40 Reprogram and redesign new plans to correct past racism and discrimination

9:00 Cash programs improves housing, nutrition and more

9:16 Denver Colorado has a pilot project that is doing it right

10:06 A recent housing initiative will increase affordable housing supply, make it easier to build affordable housing and increase the number of units available

10:38 Grant programs for builders to offset the cost of creating housing

11:01 A Capital stack

12:40 rental assistance programs for people who need help now

50th Anniversary of the housing choice voucher program 2024

13:20 Landlord has the control now but that may change and offer the tenant the voucher and option to choose the housing

14:00 Many separate voucher programs available but these can leave some people out

14:20 Not reinforcing the deserving status but delivering housing assistance to those who need it

14:45 What could happen with the housing voucher?

15:30 Reducing discrimination and empowering the individual

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