Code of Ethics

NAEBA Exclusive Buyer Agents are Required to Adhere to the Highest Ethical Standards


Exclusive Buyer Agency was founded upon the legal principles of the Common Law of Agency and Full Fiduciary Duties. As a whole, NAEBAs ethical standards surpass legal and industry standards. A NAEBA member acts in a trustworthy manner and always acts in his/her Buyer-Clients best interest. As a witness of our commitment to these principles, to integrity and to professionalism, NAEBA has established the following Code of Ethics:

Article 1: Duty of Confidentiality

A NAEBA member shall keep information from a Buyer-Client confidential unless the Buyer-Client has given permission to disclose such information.

Article 2: Duty of Accounting

A NAEBA member shall provide a true account of money or property entrusted to them, received by them, or paid out on behalf of the Buyer-Client whenever requested.

Article 3: Duty of Reasonable Skill and Care

A NAEBA member shall act on behalf of a Buyer-Client with due diligence, professionalism, and reasonable skill and care.

Article 4: Duty of Undivided Loyalty

A NAEBA member shall provide undivided loyalty to a Buyer-Client and not advance the interests of sellers, themselves, or their real estate company above the interests of the Buyer-Client.

Article 5: Duty of Obedience to Lawful Instruction

A NAEBA member shall follow all reasonable, lawful instructions of their Buyer-Client in the Buyer-Clients transaction.

Article 6: Duty of Advocacy

A NAEBA member shall advocate for, with, and on behalf of a Buyer-Client and their best interest at all times.

Article 7: Duty of Full Disclosure

A NAEBA member will provide full disclosure of all facts known to him/her regarding a seller or a property that are material to or would have an effect on the transaction.