What You Need to Know Before Finding a Buyer’s Agent

Dec 7, 2022Buying Basics, First-Time Home Buyers, Homebuying Process

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If you're thinking about buying a house, chances are you'll want to work through a real estate agent. Whether you're first time homebuyers or seasoned home purchasing veterans, finding a buyer's agent who is going to look out for you is always a challenge.

Let's cover some of the best tips we can offer to help you find the right buyer's agent for you.

Do Your Homework

If you think you've nailed down the buyer's agent you want to hire, make sure to look them up and do some research. Be sure to read online reviews about the agent and see what previous clients have to say.

It's important to remember that most home searches start online so if the real estate agent you plan to hire doesn't have a decent online presence, they might not be the right choice.

Think About What's Important to You

Do you need your buyer's agent to get the closing costs waived? Are you applying for an FHA loan? Or do you simply need a steadfast negotiator because you're not willing to pay a dime over budget?

Regardless of your needs, think about them and nail down a few non-negotiables. What type of buyer's agent are you looking for?

Look for Red Flags

There are a few things you'll want to pay attention to when searching for a buyer's agent.

  • They're vague about their experience
  • They can't outline any specific examples
  • They're slow to respond to texts and calls
  • They can't make next-day showings
  • They're being overly pushy about a specific property

These are all red flags that will make you want to run the other way. Pay attention to these when choosing your buyer's agent and remember that their job is to look out for you. If they're doing anything else, you might want to choose a different agent.

Trust Referrals

Your friends and family won't usually stir you in the wrong direction so lean heavy on referrals you get. If a real estate agent is being recommended to you, chances are the person had a good experience and you'll end up with the same.

Find a recent homebuyer in your circle that you trust and see if they can offer you any referrals. They might also be able to tell you certain agents that they had a poor experience with.

Understand Exclusive Buyer Agency

Understanding fiduciary duties is important when hiring a buyer's agent. It's crucial that you have an exclusive buyer's agent during the real estate transaction because that agent is entirely responsible for looking out for your interests and your interests alone.

When it comes time to negotiate the asking price or terms of the purchase, this agent will work on your behalf.

Good Ways to Find a Buyer's Agent

The best way to find a buyer's agent is by filling out our form and getting matched with a local exclusive buyer agent near you.

Click here to find an agent.


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