Why It’s Important to Work with an Exclusive Buyer Agent

Buyer representation is an important part of the home buying process. Here’s what you need to know about it.


In our first video, you learned it’s not in your best interest to be represented by the agent working for the seller. When an agent works with a buyer AND seller in a single transaction, it’s called “dual agency,” and this benefits the agent more than anyone else! Let’s dig a little deeper into buyer representation.

Exclusive buyer agents work only with home buyers in every real estate transaction. No listings, no inventory, and no sellers to represent. That’s it! A simple approach to real estate representation. Why would a licensed realtor who could work for both sellers and buyers choose to work for buyers only? Because overall…the real estate industry focuses on listings and sellers first.

NAEBA members are consumer advocates who strongly believe that homebuyers deserve equal representation. Traditional brokerages do offer buyer agent services, but there may be conflicts of interest not found with exclusive buyer representation.

Here are three examples: One: The realtor representing you as a homebuyer works for the same brokerage representing the seller. Two: The realtor representing you is with a brokerage firm, trying to promote their own listings. Three: If the broker representing you is also representing the seller, and the transaction sours, will that broker work to protect your best interest? After all, they’re legally committed to the seller.

We’ve made a choice to only work with one side – the homebuyer. We offer honest advice and full transparency. We’re not just buyer agents; we are true buyer agents. Real estate you can trust.

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