We Are NAEBA: Meet the Agents behind the NAEBA Brand

Who are these real estate agents who choose to only represent home buyers 100% of the time? Meet a few of the members of NAEBA.


Members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents are dedicated solely to home buyers. That means they only work with home buyers because they believe home buyers deserve 100% unconflicted representation.

It’s a unique yet uncomplicated way to work in real estate. So, who are these real estate agents choosing to only represent one side of the real estate transaction? Meet our exclusive buyer agents from all over the country…

We understand the unique challenges homebuyers face and because we only represent buyers, we are committed to the highest ethical practices in the real estate industry. NAEBA is the only national real estate organization dedicated to serving home buyers 100% of the time. It’s the right way to work in real estate which is why our members proudly say… “WE ARE NAEBA!”

Find your exclusive buyer agent today at NAEBA.org

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