Home Buying Experts Say “Don’t Do What We Did” When You Buy Your Home

Dec 13, 2017Real Estate Tips

A recent member poll conducted by the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA), the organization of real estate professionals who advocate for buyers, found that many members took significant risks or made bad real estate decisions before they became experts in the field. According to 2011-2012 NAEBA President Ulrich Salzgeber, “Some of our people really went out on a limb when they purchased homes. In some cases they were ingenious ideas, but not ideas they would suggest to their clients today.” The survey results have been included in a report that is being made available to home buyers. It includes mistakes related to relocation, financing, land contract purchases, agent choice, reckless buying behavior and much more. “As exclusive buyer agents one of our roles is to help buyers reduce risk in their real estate purchases and to help buyers manage the risks that are inherent in the transaction. To some extent our clients now benefit from these mistakes since in some cases it was the mistake and bad experience that followed that led these people to help others avoid making similar bad decisions.” Salzgeber added. Exclusive Buyer Agency is the practice of representing only buyers and never sellers in a transaction. The company never lists a seller’s property and thus never has a seller as a client. The report on Mistakes made by Exclusive Buyer Agents is available as a free download at the associations website:https://naeba.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/20120409DontDoWhatWeDid.pdf.

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