Quick Decorating Fixes for Home Buyers

Dec 13, 2017Homeowner Tips

So you’ve decided to buy a home and your Exclusive Buyer Representative has carefully vetted all of your desires in that new home. One of the services your NAEBA real estate agent will do is to show you all of the properties that fit your “model” in your preferred location at or under your loan approval amount. An independent buyer agent is different than other Realtors in that he/she will also show you homes listed for sale by owner, foreclosure properties and others not necessarily shown in the MLS. Your NAEBA agent will gladly help you source the inspector prior to buying your home plus lead you to loan resources for your mortgage. But they can also connect you with subcontractors or point you in the direction of the nearest Home Depot or Lowe’s, because it’s a NAEBA agent’s mission to find out every detail about the neighborhood you have chosen. One of the immediate improvements a buyer can make to their home includes fresh paint. Often homes for sale have been repainted white or off-white for the purpose of making the interior more appealing to a broad base of buyers while also making the rooms look bigger. Personalizing the home with colors that suit the new owner’s personality and furnishings is relatively quick and easy to do. Paint consultant Sara Noel of Noel Designs in Denver, CO advises clients on color palettes for their homes to makeover the entire look for less investment than other improvements. Tidbits of knowledge gleaned from Noel include using lighter colors at the front end of a house or condo that is long and narrow. Darker colors have greater impact when applied to the back wall in this scenario. Noel is often called upon by clients to glaze older, tired kitchen cabinets rather than reface or replace the cabinetry. Complimented by new granite kitchen counters, a glass tile backsplash, and new cabinetry handles, the look is new and highly customized without overspending. Gary Stone, owner of Allstar Electrical in Denver Colorado recommends changing out light fixtures to remake the mood of a room. Electrical fixtures for the kitchen, bath, entryway, and exterior can give a home an entire new feeling and again, the investment is modest. Older homes often demand new service as older homes weren’t equipped with enough electrical outlets to service today’s needs. It’s a safety measure as much as it is a convenience. Other quick facelifts can be achieved by refinishing existing hardwoods, or replacing old carpet with a new installation of hardwood floors. Pedestal bathroom basins and vessel sinks can bring the bathroom focal point into this era for less than one might think. Then there’s the issue of window coverings. Remove those tired ‘70s draperies and replace them with rods and simple panel drapes. Or install plantation shutters for a classic look that helps with energy costs.


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