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Aug 29, 2018Buying Up

What exactly is a “luxury” home? While most home buyers would believe it’s anything upward of $1 million or more, Luxury Home Digest might describe it best:

“A luxury property must offer a superior location, a stunning property entry, significant architectural detail, fine décor’, decadent amenities, excellent entertainment areas, lovely grounds, and myriad other details that help a home stand out from the ordinary.”

There you go. Exclusive Buyer Agents also stand out from the ordinary, providing a superior level of dedication and fiduciary duty that is uncommon in real estate today. An Exclusive Buyer Agent conducts expert negotiations on the buyer’s behalf, seeking the best price and terms while protecting the buyer’s best interests.

There’s no reason to overpay for a home – even if you can afford it! In fact, buying your luxury home at the right price now helps ensure the best opportunity for future appreciation in the market.

Luxury homes and condos often have a substantial “cushion” built into their asking prices to allow for negotiation.  Your Exclusive Buyer Agent will be able to show you at what percentage other similar homes have sold for compared to their asking price.  This will provide you with an excellent guide to negotiating a better price for you.

And because an Exclusive Buyer Agent represents home buyers and only home buyers, there is no conflict of interest, no pressure to sell “in-house” listings against other homes on the market. We don’t have listings at all! But we can show you any property for sale, whether it’s listed through a brokerage, For Sale by Owner, or a custom home builder. We can represent you in virtually any home buying transaction.

When you work with an Exclusive Buyer Agent, you reap the advantages of our superior service and our fiduciary relationship with you. Yet our representation will not cost you anything extra in your home purchase. We will be happy to explain how this works, and how our services differ from the traditional broker models that do not protect the buyer’s best interests.


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