Love to Entertain? Here are 7 Features a Home Should Have for Good Hosting

Sep 11, 2019Buying Basics, Buying Up

Are you a person who loves to host parties, get-togethers, and even full-on New Year’s Eve bashes at home? If so, then you’ll need a home with all the essential features that make hosting a breeze. If you’re looking to buy a home, here are seven features to consider when you love to entertain. Pick and choose which of these are right for you and then let the good times roll.

1.) Adequate Parking

Without enough space to park your guests any get-together will run into a lot of problems. If the home you’re looking at doesn’t have a long driveway then check local regulations for street parking. The last thing you’ll want is illegal parking that blocks the whole street and leaves you with angry neighbors. If street parking isn’t an option, then get a quote from a contractor to see what the costs are of extending your current driveway.

2.) A Welcoming Entranceway

As with parking space, you’ll also need a spacious entranceway once you welcome guests to your home. Find a home with plenty of space for guests to maneuver and good lighting. It’s also useful to have a coat closet for stashing guests’ coats and bags. For the exterior, it’s good to have an overhead covering to provide guests with shelter during bad weather. And, of course, a grand entry door to make guests feel welcome.

3.) A Large Kitchen Island

Everyone loves a kitchen island and it’s easy to see why. The kitchen is usually where everyone congregates on arrival. An island will provide an easy space for everyone to gather while still leaving plenty of room to move around. When looking at kitchens, do some math to decide how much space you’ll need. You don’t want anyone to feel left out so make sure there’s enough seating for all your usual guests, plus a few unexpected plus-ones.

4.) Plenty of Outdoor Space

If the kitchen is getting crowded, then nothing will ease congestion like an outdoor patio. Outdoor space can open up a lot of opportunities for hosting if you have enough of it.  Even a small deck or patio space can work wonders when hosting guests. You can dress it up with lights and cushions to serve as a lounge area for smokers. Or you can set up a bar and make it the center of the party. Make sure to have an awning or some type of covering if the weather turns south.

5.) A Powder Room on the Main Floor

Female guests will need a place they can freshen-up, so a powder room is a must. All the better if it’s on the main floor and away from the main entertaining rooms. You don’t want guests needlessly wandering around your home looking for a spot to freshen up. Find a home with a relatively spacious downstairs bathroom. Renovations are also possible if you’d like to really dazzle guests. Have a contractor inspect the site and give you a quote before deciding.

6.) Smart Storage

Lots of guests will mean lots of space to store all that wine and food you’ll be serving. For this, you’ll need a kitchen with lots of shelving and cabinets or even a butler’s pantry. Kitchen storage designs have really come along in recent years. It’s now possible to have multi-purpose storage units that can maximize what space you have. If you don’t have a basement or attic, then you’ll have to get very creative with kitchen storage. For that, wall units are the best fix. These can be used as a wine rack, glassware storage, an extra refrigerator, or even a countertop to serve a buffet.

7.) A Home Bar

A highly requested item from homebuyers is a wet bar. This little space is perfect for storing drinks and providing a spot for guests to top-up. If the home you’re looking at doesn’t have one then just know they’re not difficult or expensive to install. An extra closet or a little nook under the staircase can be the perfect spot to install one. Just make sure it’ll have enough space to store enough drinks and glasses for the number of guests you’ll have over.


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