Winter Homebuying Report

Many consumers know that the off-season is typically the best season for bargain shopping. In most US markets, the off-season for home buying is the winter, particularly during the holidays and in the first quarter of the new year. However, winter home buying creates many challenges for cold climate home buyers.

This year, we have some unique challenges with the supply chain issues and Covid concerns. How does winter impact home buying and what things should a winter home buyer be especially aware of, and equally important, what tactics are available to minimize these issues for buyers? As the largest association of home buying specialists in the country, we surveyed our members in January 2022 to answer these questions and see what issues home buyers are likely to have if they are looking for a home in the next few months.

This report describes many of the buying complications that home purchasers face in 2022, along with strategies used by America’s home buying experts to overcome those challenges.

Download and read the full report here


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