Home-buying Consumer Advocates Hold Virtual Annual Conference

Apr 6, 2021Press Releases

The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents shared best practices to help homebuyers and installed a new board of directors.

PHOENIX (PRWEB) March 18, 2021 — The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) recently held its annual conference virtually, focusing on delivering the highest level of service and advocacy for home-buying consumers.

The conference planning team, led by Rona Fischman, 4 Buyers Real Estate (Greater Boston), and Mike Crowley, Spokane Home Buyers (Spokane, WA), hired world-class presenters to share their real estate expertise with the attendees.

“2020 was a year when exclusive buyer’s agents had to use every ounce of their creativity and experience to guide homebuyers through this ever-changing market,” Fischman said. “Our virtual conference gave us the chance to share what worked for our clients. The best of the best ways to get the lowest prices and best properties – that’s what we shared at our 2021 virtual conference.”

The conference committee tried “to find material to appeal to over 100 different brokers from over 50 different markets” to help them help their homebuyers, Crowley added. He said the committee wanted to provide attendees “one or two new tools for their toolbox.”

Negotiating on behalf of homebuyers dominated the opening day of the conference. Greg Markov, who works at the Real Estate Negotiations Institute, designed and presented a three-hour custom program for NAEBA members titled “Winning for Buyers through Skilled Negotiations.” Over the entire three-day event, members heard from experts and fellow exclusive buyers agents who covered topics to benefit homebuyers.

“We meet annually to learn from experts and each other so we can provide the best guidance to homebuyers,” NAEBA President Richard Harty said. “It’s all about patiently and expertly guiding our home-buying clients through the home-buying process, so they find a home that meets their wants and needs within their budget.”

In conjunction with the conference, NAEBA installed its 2021 Board of Directors. The following members have volunteered their service and talent to advance the organization’s mission.

NAEBA members believe there is a better way of working in the real estate industry. NAEBA members voluntarily dedicate their careers to exclusively representing home buyers, providing fiduciary-level duties to protect home-buying consumers.

Exclusive buyer agents are 100 percent loyal to home buyers 100 percent of the time and work at real estate brokerages that do not ever represent home sellers. NAEBA members are true buyer agents.

NAEBA members avoid the conflicts of interest common at traditional real estate companies, which attempt to represent both buyers and sellers in the same transaction.

ABOUT NAEBA: The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) do not accept listings, advertise properties for sale, or represent home sellers at any time. By providing fiduciary duties to homebuyers, NAEBA members avoid the conflicts of interest that arise when the same firm attempts to represent both home buyers and home sellers.

Consumer advocates created NAEBA in the mid-1990s to fill the void faced by homebuyers and start a professional association that would provide home buyers a higher standard of ethics.

NAEBA also matches home-buying consumers with its members around the country for no additional cost.


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