Episode 28: Listen Up Homebuyers – Homeowners Insurance

Apr 21, 2022Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Victoria Ray Henderson talks about homeowners insurance with Daetara Johnson with Joseph W McCartin Insurance.

Episode Notes

:15 Victoria Ray Henderson introduces Daetara Johnson with Joseph W McCartin Insurance.
:55 Overview of why people need homeowners insurance
1:30 When do you pay for homeowners insurance
2:00 How do I know what homeowners insurance I need?
2:30 Condos, single-family, townhouses, log cabins require different types of homeowner insurance
3:31 What questions does an insurance agent ask of the homeowner?
4:00 Do you have pets, especially dogs? Liability claims for dog bites could hurt your chance of getting homeowners insurance
4:39 Claim history is the number one reason people are denied coverage
5:00 more about liability insurance coverage
5:40 Why are people denied homeowners insurance? Are there homes that cannot be covered?
6:25 Climate change and the impact it has on homeowners insurance
7:00 Can flooding cause a property to be uninsurable?
7:30 Difference between a flood and a water incident
8:10 The state of Maryland requires sewage backup coverage
9:40 Homeowners insurance or hazard insurance, what is the difference?
10:00 Home values are on the rise, do I need to contact my insurance agent?
11:00 Should I contact my insurance agent if I am remodeling my home?
11:30 Does work need to be permitted to be covered by homeowners insurance?
12:15 What is a storm deductible?
13:30 What does the Guaranteed replacement cost?
14:32 Replacement cost vs guarantee cost
15:07 Pricing is based on the replacement cost not the market value of your property
15:30 Homeowners insurance is not a maintenance policy
16:00 Too many claims can cause a surcharge
16:20 water losses and roof claims are the biggest claims

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