Episode 25: Listen Up Homebuyers – TOMU Modular Construction

Mar 7, 2022Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Listen Up, Home Buyers! Meet Chris Osaka the Chief Executive Officer for TOMU a high amenity modular dwelling manufacturer for leisure and hospitality.

Episode Notes

Host Victoria Ray Henderson talks with Chris Osaka the Chief Executive Officer for TOMU 

Studio, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom villas delivered to customers. The TOMU Modular construction

TOMU was named in Washington Business Journal as a business to watch in 2022

What is Japandi Design? 

TOMU in Urban Turf regarding upscale modular homes

0:25 What is TOMU?

0:50 Workplaces changes with people moving out of the cities

1:30 The modular units include electricity, plumbing

1:50 Floorplans of TOMU are similar to what you would find in an upscale hotel

2:27 Chris Osaka’s background marketing for Nike and Hilton

3:14 Created concepts for Nike stores

4:10 The 3 products are called Villas

4:18 The style is a Japanese Scandinavian concept blending with nature

5:20 The exterior and interior features of the high design Villas

6:00 minimalist not spartan in design, expansive windows and living space

6:30 energy efficient and built to be on-grid or off-grid

7:36 Connecting with local cities and counties and how these can fit in a traditional neighborhood

8:20 work in partnership with local general contractor

8:55 what project are you working on how?

10:00 mechanics of the Villas, wiring, plumbing

10:25 three modules 8 by 20 feet each

11:15 simplify the conduits and suppress the major systems in a singular module

12:15 How does this work with ADU or accessory dwelling unit rules in cities and counties?

13:09 matching the design and engineering for the required site specs

14:30 working on well & septic and the model unit is built with this design

14:55 West coast has a broader understanding of modular homes. Chris is bringing this awareness to the rest of the county

15:34 higher quality modular home built in an indoor environment where materials are protected while being constructed

16:13 Lenders and appraisers

16:50 Inspired by the changes around the pandemic and the opportunity to build housing for people looking for second homes or additional space on a property

17:50 offering an option to homebuyers who want to get out of the city

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