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Real Estate Laws

A Professional Can Guide Your Through Complicated Real Estate Laws

Real estate laws are varied and complex, with layers of legislation at the state, county and local level. When it comes to buying a home, having an Exclusive Buyer Agent on your side assures that you receive the critical local insights to help you get access to the utmost in due diligence and contractual protection.

For example, once your purchase offer is accepted by the seller, it becomes a binding agreement. This is why it’s so very important to have the proper contingencies in place to protect your interests. Without contingencies, you may not have a legal way to renegotiate or cancel the offer.

Your EBA will take the time to explain the contingencies available to you, and ensure that any concerns you have are contractually addressed.

And because your EBA works only for home buyers, and represents only you in the transaction, he or she provides you with true fiduciary guidance, eliminating the conflict of interests that occur when a traditional real estate agent attempts to work for both a buyer AND a seller.

Please note, your EBA is not an attorney, and cannot provide you with specific legal advice. Fortunately, your EBA can refer you to local real estate attorneys who can address any legal questions you may have.

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