Episode 16: Radon Gas! What every home buyer should know about the health risks

Mar 25, 2021Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Exposure to radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon gas is odorless, colorless and long-term exposure to this gas can lead to serious health consequences.


Episode Notes

Pro-Spex Home Inspections serves homebuyers in the Greater Baltimore Washington DC area including most areas in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Glenn and Yvonne Blanc are the principals of Pro-Spex and I always enjoy talking with them about all things related to homes!

Radon is a serious concern and all home buyers regardless of where you live should know what it is and how to mitigate radon gas if high levels of the gas are found in a home.

I’m Victoria Ray Henderson with The Buyer Brokerage. We are members of NAEBA and serve home buyers in Northern Virginia, Maryland & Washington DC.


Glenn Blanc
Yvonne Blanc

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