Episode 9: Home Buying Advice & Tips with Rona Fischman 4 Buyers Real Estate

Feb 29, 2020Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Rona Fischman is the Principal Broker with 4 Buyers Real Estate in Massachusetts. Rona is one of the founders of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. naeba.org


Episode Notes

Rona Fischman is the Principal Broker with 4 Buyers Real Estate in Massachusetts. 

In this podcast  (2:15) Rona Fischman talks about why NAEBA was founded in the early 90’s and Rona Fischman shares her personal story (2:30) and why she has an exclusive buyer brokerage and how this business model aligns with her philosophy.

(3:30) Rona Fischman was an active member of the Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents and chose to open an  (4:35) exclusive buyer brokerage

(5:30) Rona Fischman says the exclusive buyer brokerage business model helps to stem the tide of property values going up.

(6:50) Rona Fischman shares her business philosophy. Learn more about Rona’s work as a teacher of bystander intervention and verbal self-defense.   

(8:00) At 4 Buyers Real Estate       

Rona discusses the strategy used by her exclusive buyer agents to evaluate neighborhoods, properties. Rona calls her EBA’s house nerds meaning they examine a house like a puzzle and they figure out the trouble spots.

(13:00) The difference between a damp basement and a wet basement and what home buyers need to know.  Since many of the homes were built around the turn of the last century, they have particular issues that buyers need to understand prior to buying. Rona talks about sump pumps with electrical back ups.

(15:00) Rona tells the story of the incredible sinking house.

(18:00) River flooding is an issue in the area served by 4 Buyers Real Estate

(19:00) Rona talks about what motivated her to help create the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. 

and how she enjoys working exclusively for home buyers. What is a generous way to help people find houses that will make them happy?

(22:30) Rona asks, “Is this house worthy of you?” “What’s it going to cost to make it worthy of you?”

(24:00) Rona Fischman talks about how to face a recession.

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Victoria Ray Henderson
Rona Fischman

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