Episode 42: Listen Up Home Buyers – Rona Fischman

Mar 27, 2023Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Rona Fischman is the Principal Broker and Owner of 4 Buyers Real Estate serving the metro Boston area. Rona is a founding member of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. Rona shares her experience as an exclusive buyer broker and why she decided to work exclusively for home buyers in every real estate transaction.

Episode Notes

:41 Why an exclusive buyer agent/broker?

53 Rona has a background as a teacher and counselor

1:16 Joined a small real estate brokerage specializing in supporting disabled people’s https://4buyersre.com/ housing

1:33 evaluating a house for wheelchair accessibility

1:46 In Massachusetts in 2006, if you were a real estate agent, you worked for the seller, unless you signed off as a buyers agent, disclosures were often overlooked at that time

2:16 the story that changed how she would work in real estate

3:37 Anything you say to a listing agent as a buyer will be information shared with the seller to their advantage.

5:03 I want to help people make a huge financial commitment to something that would house their lives

5:10 don’t want to sell a thing (house)

5:30 putting pictures on Tinder is like the pictures on a listing

6:03 teaching people how to read through the marketing for a home is the job of an exclusive buyer agent

6:03 Joining NAEBA began in 1992 or 1993

6:56 Rona Fischman is a founding member of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents

7:39 What Rona did as a new agent, in 1992, taking classes through the National Association of Realtors and other class sites

8:50 Tip for buyers find the houses that didn’t sell right away and you can negotiate

9:50 Exclusive buyer agents understand the marketing and know how to work around it

Inventory is down in the DC area at this time Spring 2023

10:00 The challenge of protecting a home buyer in Spring 2023

10:30 Rona’s advice on making offers in a competitive environment, Nobody is rich enough not to care about money

10:45 Based on the market study, the market conditions, the competition, and what to expect if you buy at top dollar

11:00 Should a buyer compete for a property for sale?

12:25 Pre-contract home inspection

13:30 A buyers agent at Noon and a sellers agent at 3 pm with a designated agency

13:44 How to evaluate a property?

14:40 Is a three-bedroom really a 3 bedroom?

14:46 The asking price is just marketing

15:15 Altoid box as a junction box

15:47 there’s wrong and easy to fix and there’s wrong and you need to walk away

17:02 Why is Rona an exclusive buyer’s agent? She provides a body of information to enhance a buyer’s life

17:30 It’s a conscious decision to give up the listing side to represent home buyers 100%

18:10 We know the listing agents who do good work for their clients. We respect them and love them


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Rona Fischman

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