Episode 4: Home Buying Advice and Tips from Rich Rosa with Buyers Brokers Only

Oct 8, 2019Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Rich Rosa co-owner and co-founder of Buyers Brokers Only in Boston Massachusetts offers advice on mortgage options and how to prepare to buy a home.

Episode Notes

Rich Rosa is the co-owner and co founder of Buyers Brokers Only in Boston Massachusetts. Buyers Brokers Only serves only home buyers in the Greater Boston area and New Hampshire.

Mortgage Options
Mass Housing-allows home buyers to put down as little as 3% and another loan for the 3%-you have to have a certain credit score and a certain debt to income ratio to qualify

The One Mortgage- 3% down, income limits are lower than Mass Housing interest rate is typically below market rate and no PMI or no mortgage insurance (when a buyer buys a home with less than 20% down the buyer typically has to buy mortgage insurance)

Rich discusses how a contract is prepared and written in Massachusetts, things to look for during a home inspection.

Victoria Ray Henderson is an Associate Broker with Buyer’s Edge in the Washington DC area.


Victoria Ray Henderson
Rich Rosa

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