Episode 32: Listen Up Homebuyers – Aromatherapy Basics

Jun 16, 2022Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Katrina Piehler is a certified health and wellness coach, licensed massage therapist, and essential oils, educator. What is aromatherapy? What are the benefits? Katrina answers these questions and provides her expertise.

Episode Notes

Aromatherapy interview with Katrina Piehler a certified health and wellness coach, licensed massage therapist, and essential oils educator.

Information about what to look for when choosing essential oils and what makes doTERRA one of the best choices:


:55 what is aromatherapy

1:23 home should be our sanctuary

1:48 powerful natural well-being tool we intentional use to create a supportive environment

2:10 using aromatic compounds from plants-roots, fruit rinds

3:05 protective elements of the plant and different plants produce different essential oils

3:37 Victoria talks about walking past jasmine and how it made her feel

4:10 in the fall cooking up orange rinds, cloves, and cinnamon sticks

4:56 How are aromatherapy and essential oils different from the store-bought sprays and plug-ins?

5:19 fragrance means it’s a synthetic ingredient made in a lab

5:37 our body doesn’t know what to do with synthetic sprays and other synthetic products

6:33 Are you allergic to synthetic products or essential oils?

7:37 Katrina recommends Essential oil company doTerra

8:12 the power of advertising for scents, sprays, and other synthetic products

9:14 How can I tell what is pure essential oil?

9:25 where does the oil come from? There are ethical parts to this evaluation

10:36 You can personalize the oils for your specific needs

11:26 lavender helps with sleep and it’s calming and is a powerful scent to use in the evening

13:26 Diffusers can be the alternative to the plug-ins and sprays

14:02 How do I choose the right diffuser? Katrina recommends doTerra

14:45 Diffusers come in many sizes. Choose one that matches your room size

15:35 Are there any specific seals of approval to look for on websites?

16:00 certified pure grade oil is one certification to look for on websites

16:36 Katrina offers consultations to help you determine what products will be best for you

17:30 What oils would you suggest using during the day?

18:00 Not just about making your room smell good

18:38 Use Vetiver for sleep

18:49 chamomile has a calming effect on the nervous system

19:05 Protective nature of the oils especially to purify the air

19:48 Next episode will be about cleaning products to use in the home

Home Essentials Starter Collection — https://www.doterra.com/US/en/p/aroma-essentials-collection?OwnerID=5552817

(this is a great essential oils kit that includes a high-quality mist diffuser and this wonderful collection of 10 different oils and ready-made blends for your home)

Peppermint: Peppermint provides a stimulating, energizing aroma that many go-to for a quick minty refresher.

doTERRA Balance®: doTERRA Balance Grounding Blend offers a tranquil aroma that reminds you to find harmony and balance in both mind and body.

doTERRA Breathe®: This incredible oil blend helps maintain feelings of clear airways and easy breathing, while also minimizing the effects of seasonal threats.

Wild Orange: With an uplifting, energizing aroma, Wild Orange has become one of the top-selling doTERRA essential oils.

doTERRA On Guard®: doTERRA On Guard provides a warm, spicy aroma that can be diffused to help freshen the air.

Citrus Bloom®: Citrus Bloom welcomes spring into your home with its blend of Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Magnolia essential oils.

doTERRA Serenity®: The calming and soothing aroma of doTERRA Serenity Restful Blend helps create a tranquil atmosphere at bedtime.

doTERRA Cheer®: Fresh and bright, doTERRA Cheer Uplifting Blend combines citrus and spice essential oils to provide an uplifting and cheerful aroma that helps when you’re feeling down.

Adaptiv®: The soothing aroma of Adaptiv Calming Blend is perfect for life’s most stressful moments.

Northern EscapeTM: A proprietary blend of the best wood and fir oils, Northern Escape has a fresh, green aroma that creates an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

Katrina’s website with information about how to start using essential oils AND a link to book a complimentary personalized essential oils consultation with her.


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