Episode 31: Listen Up Homebuyers – Deck Safety

May 23, 2022Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

May is deck safety month and building safety month. Meet Glenford Blanc the owner of Pro-Spex a residential and commercial inspection company serving the Greater Washington DC area. Glen tells us what every homebuyer needs to look for when buying a home with a deck.

Episode Notes

Glenford Blanc is the owner of Pro-Spex a residential and commercial inspection company serving the Greater Washington DC & Baltimore area. Victoria Ray Henderson is an exclusive buyer broker serving homebuyers in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.

1:08 What do buyers need to know when buying a house with a deck

1:36 Many decks are very old and not safe

2:06 Do you have a deck 10 years or older?

2:30 First met Glen when he was inspecting a deck for a buyer

3:00 What am I looking for when I am touring homes?

3:30 Older decks connected to the house with poor connections

3:50 Primary cause of deck failure

4:43 What are older decks bolting to when connected to the house?

5:00 new construction has requirements that make it safe

5:42 the two-story deck that is commonly built on the back of a townhouse or house

6:00 A swaying deck is not a good sign

6:20 What is under the deck? How does it look?

6:32 The support of a deck?

6:47 What is a ledger?

7:10 Look for bolts in the deck connecting to the house

7:37 What is a Joyce?

7:40 the structure of a deck, Glen explains

8:18 bolts should be staggered to prevent rotation

9:30 examine the posts supporting the deck

9:50 What is the fix for a poorly constructed deck?

10:39 Post rot is going to happen it’s a matter of time

10:50 Should have deck inspected every two years

Montgomery County Maryland offering free deck inspections this month

11:30 About swaying decks

12:00 Check the condition of the deck surface

12:45 Spring is when people go out on the deck after a long winter

13:25 About trek decking

14:00 Have your deck evaluated before you entertain on your deck


Glen Blanc
Glenford Blanc
Victoria Ray Henderson

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