Episode 27: Listen Up Homebuyers – Habitat For Humanity

Mar 29, 2022Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Jeffrey Dee is the President CEO of Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland. Jeff has been with Habitat since 2013 in a variety of capacities and during his tenure achieved a 161% increase in funds raised for Habitat Metro Maryland. He talks with Victoria Ray Henderson host of NAEBA’s Listen Up Homebuyers.

Episode Notes

Jeffrey Dee is the President CEO of Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland

Jeffrey talks with Victoria Ray Henderson  an exclusive buyer broker with The Buyer Brokerage. Victoria works with homebuyers in Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland.

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:50 What is Habitat for Humanity?

:1:29 Do you rehab houses or all new construction?

2:10 Zero interest on a 30-year loan

2:24 How does Habitat find land in the current competitive market

3:17 Does Habitat receive gifts of land?

3:45 Local governments sell land to Habitat for one dollar

4:02 Current Habitat project at Randolph and Veirs Mill Road intersection in Montgomery County Maryland

4:55 How does Habitat finance its projects?

5:50 Habitat Restores, all over the country,  accept donations and that revenue helps create affordable housing

6:40 Who helps build the projects?

7:20 Habitat For Humanity started in 1976

8:12 How many hours of sweat equity are needed from the homeowners?

9:00 New owners take classes, they are set up for success

10:00 How are new homeowners trained so they can volunteer on the building site?

10:35 Habitat houses take longer to build

11:15 How do you determine who gets the opportunity to buy a Habitat home?

12:00 Habitat takes chances on families that would otherwise not have an opportunity to buy a home

12:40 How do people who can’t physically do work contribute to the sweat equity?

13:14 People build wealth by owning a home

13:30 Families demonstrate their willingness to work and partner with Habitat to have a home

14:00 Grateful for Habitat for Humanity


Jeffrey Dee, Habitat for Humanity Maryland
Victoria Ray Henderson, NAEBA

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