Episode 24: Listen Up Homebuyers – Bathroom and Kitchen Design Ideas

Feb 14, 2022Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Listen Up Homebuyers! TiAndra Houston and Caitlin Donahue are residential and commercial designers in the Washington DC area. They offer advice on high-end and cost-conscious kitchen and bathroom designs.

Episode Notes

1:20 TiAndra on high end and cost-conscious kitchen and bathroom designs

1:25 understand how you want to use the space and how you’ll use it in the future

2:10 great resource is Bob Villa from This Old House  for residential design

2:44 11,000 for a high-end bathroom renovation up to whatever your budget allows

3:30 bringing in designers and consultants and contractors will add to the cost

3:46 pulling permits to do a new bathroom may require permits and this will add additional costs and time

5:50 move around in the space to know how you use the room and make sure the room flows the way you use it

6:22 think of the flow and how you want to start your day

7:15 how to renovate to age in place consider clearances for wheelchair use, walk-in shower without a curve, built-in benches

9:00 supply delays right now residential and commercial lasting weeks and sometimes months due to the pandemic

10:27 as soon as you know you love something put your order in

10:44 Caitlin on more budget-conscious ideas for bathrooms

11:33 watch for sales from the big box stores to save on sinks, cabinets, and more

12:15 wallpaper that is humidity proof can be used in a bathroom for an update

13:00 have a contractor in mind as your backup in case you start a project that gets too complicated

13:50 typical cost to renovate a basic kitchen

14:30 the open kitchen concept is changing and separate rooms are more popular now during the pandemic

15:00 How will you use the space? Need space for all family members?

15:35 panel ready appliances and windows and doors may work for your space

16:20 When houses are staged it creates the stagers idea for the space, not the home buyer

17:43 cost-conscious ideas for a kitchen

18:10 painting cabinets and lighting makes a big difference and fits on a budget

18:59 buy wet rated fixtures for bathroom fixtures and UL listed products

19:45 more lighting ideas

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