Episode 18: Michael Dufour First Savings Mortgage

May 25, 2021Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

How do you purchase a home? Talking to a lender is a start! Michael Dufour with First Savings Mortgage in Bethesda Maryland walks us through the steps of financing a home purchase.

Episode Notes

Michael Dufour with First Savings Mortgage is Your Mortgage Guide on Tiktok. Michael Dufour and Victoria Ray Henderson  talk about low housing inventory and the competitive market for buyers.

  • What is pre-approval for a home loan?
  • What is an appraisal and how does a low appraisal affect a home buyer?
  • What is a down payment? What are closing costs? How much cash do I need to buy a home?
  • What are the Maryland Mortgage Program and the DC Open Doors Program? How do these programs help homebuyers? How do I qualify for these programs?

Michael Dufour walks us through the process of applying for a loan, purchasing a property and getting to the settlement table where you sign the paperwork and purchase a home.


Victoria Ray Henderson
Michael Dufour

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