Episode 12: Advice & Tips from Glenford Blanc with Pro-Spex

May 13, 2020Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Victoria Ray Henderson talks with Glenford Blanc, the owner of Pro-Spex home inspection company.


Episode Notes

Host Victoria Ray Henderson is Vice President & Associate Broker with Buyer’s Edge an exclusive buyer brokerage in the Washington DC area. Glenford Blanc is President & CEO of Pro-Spex a home and commercial inspection company serving the Greater Baltimore and Washington DC area.

5:30 What is the difference between a code inspection and a home inspection?

6:15 Home inspectors vs a code compliance inspection

6:30 Every three years, code changes

7:00 Modified or remodeled homes bring a house up to the code at the time of remodeling

8:00 Examples of up to code

9:00 Where you will find work reflecting updated code-bathrooms, kitchens

9:15 Homes built in the 1950’s did not have GFI’s

9:30 What to look for in a remodeled home

10:15 How home owners can be taken advantage of by contractors citing code

11:45 What you should be asking your home inspector

12:55 Why inspection permits are important to look for

13:55 Check the electrical amperage to a house

14:50 What questions to ask your home inspector

15:40 Understanding the home inspection report

16:40 What happens during a home inspection?


Victoria Ray Henderson
Glenford Blanc

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