Episode 11: Advice & Tips from Dave Twombly with 4 Buyers Real Estate LLC

Apr 27, 2020Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Host Victoria Ray Henderson with Buyer’s Edge and Dave Twombly with 4 Buyers Real Estate LLC discuss how to help home buyers during the pandemic.


Episode Notes

Host Victoria Ray Henderson Vice President & Associate Broker with Buyer’s Edge talks with exclusive buyer agent Dave Twombly with https://4buyersre.com/ about helping home buyers during the pandemic.

2:00 What was it like to have a settlement at the beginning of the pandemic?

2:30 4 Buyers Real Estate LLC requires home buyers to have a home inspection.

2:45 The home inspection process during the pandemic

3:10 In Massachusetts, the fire department verifies smoke detectors in homes to be in working order and certified before the settlement.

3:45 In Massachusetts, smoke certification is needed to have a closing/settlement. Typically this is the responsibility of the seller/listing agent.

4:30 During the pandemic, it is the responsibility of the home buyer to have their new home certified by the fire department within 90 days of when the stay at home order is lifted.

5:45 Areas served by 4 Buyers Real Estate LLC in Massachusetts

6:20 Areas served by Buyers Edge where Victoria Ray Henderson helps home buyers (DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland)

7:00 4 Buyers Real Estate LLC home buying process

7:30 The first conversation to have if you want to buy a home.

8:30 What home maintenance costs you should expect down the road

9:00 Boston is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world

9:45 A pre-contract home inspection is a limited inspection and is done when a buyer wants to remove the home inspection contingency from the offer.

10:00 Dave Twombly’s story of a pre-contract home inspection and the buyers experience.

13:00 In Massachusetts, the earnest money deposit’s otherwise known as the EMD check is held by the listing brokerage

14:30 In the Greater Washington DC, Baltimore, Annapolis area the emd is not typically held by the listing brokerage

15:30 The advantage of having a higher priced emd check in a transaction

16:00 Are we moving toward a buyers market?

17:50 How will the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic change the real estate market?


Victoria Ray Henderson
Dave Twombly

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