Episode 10: RedBird ReDesign Advice & Tips for Home Buyers

Apr 18, 2020Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Victoria Ray Henderson talks with Colleen Quinn owner of RedBird ReDesign about affordable renovation and home design projects.


Episode Notes

Colleen Quinn is the owner of RedBird ReDesign, a interior design studio offering a wide range of services. Colleen says her niche is affordable design that is polished, functional and doesn’t break the bank.

1:15 Residential design specialty
2:00 The process includes client making the purchases
2:30 All services are virtual during the pandemic
3:30 Colleen explains why she opened RedBird ReDesign
5:00 Affordable design services with the client involved in the process
9:40 How the process works-design consultants who are paid for advice and expertise
11:35 First time home buyers need help realizing their vision for their new home


Victoria Ray Henderson
Colleen Quinn

Episode Keywords

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