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If you've recently wondered, "how do I find the best real estate agent near me?" you've come to the right place. When seeking out a real estate agent, first consider this: Did you know that many real estate agents represent the buyer AND the seller? And if you're buying a home, that's not good for you. NAEBA agents are not only top real estate agents in their areas, but are also guaranteed to represent only you in the transaction. So click below to find a nearby NAEBA real estate agent, no matter where you're looking for a home.

Benefit from An Exclusive Buyer Agent

Everyone wants to find a local real estate agent who is truly on their side. But when agents represent both the buyer and the seller, there's nobody negotiating exclusively for you. NAEBA agents never list properties, which means they will never steer you toward a home they're listing or be conflicted about who they represent. They only work for you.

NAEBA agents only work with buyers

Negotiate only on your behalf

Negotiate the best terms for YOU

Whether you're buying where you live or across the country, find your local exclusive buyer agent today.

Get Your Interests Protected with NAEBA: Find A Real Estate Agent Near You

An Exclusive Buyer Agent protects your interests. They don't represent the seller because their brokerages don't list properties. These are agents so committed to buyers, that they maintain a high level of integrity. So even when other agents are listing a property they're also selling, pocketing both commissions, a NAEBA agent is most concerned with your goals, your deal, and closing on the property with only your best interests in mind.

An Exclusive Buyer Agent protects your interests. They:


Keep your motives and budget confidential, so the seller can't take advantage.


Educate you about market conditions and the home buying process, so you're always ready.


Perform market price comparisons so you don't overpay for a home.


Negotiate exclusively on your behalf, so you get the best price and terms.


Provide these services and more at no additional cost, so you can keep more of your money.

Find a local real estate agent with a commitment to never list properties, but only work for you, the buyer.