Episode 3: Advice and Tips from Mike Crowley with Spokane Home Buyers

Sep 24, 2019Listen Up Home Buyers

Episode Summary

Mike Crowley is the Broker and Owner of Spokane Home Buyers in Washington State. Mike talks about strategies for winning in a competitive offer situation and more!

Episode Notes

Mike Crowley is the Broker and Owner of Spokane Home Buyers in Spokane Washington, his office of 4 brokers has been representing buyers only since 1997.

Acitve locally, statewide, and nationally in promoting Realtor’s Professional Standards, and has taught over 50 First Time Home Buyer classes for the state of Washington. Mike shares his advice on how to compete in a multiple offer situation.

Show Breakdown
5:30 – First time home buyer advice
6:30 – The home buyer should choose their lender and take responsibility for that choice.
9:20 – What can happen when a lender in Washington State is from the west side vs the east side of the state
11:00 – Mike says his best advice is often talking a buyer out of making the wrong decision
13:00 – Strategies for winning when writing an offer for a house in a multiple contract situation


Victoria Ray Henderson
Mike Crowley

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