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Recent Morgan Stanley Study Shows Possible Anti-Consumer Slant to Zillow Advertising

A recent study conducted by Morgan Stanley shows that Zillow Premier Agent Advertisers, those who pay extra to advertise on Zillow, have an increased number of dual agency transactions compared to other agents. According to the study, over 60% of Premier Agents reported that the advertising increased their dual agency transactions by about 30%.

Survey of Exclusive Buyer Agents Shows Lack of Inventory is the Top Issue Facing Today’s Home Buyers

The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents recently conducted a survey of its membership to determine the top issues facing today’s home buyers. Exclusive buyer agents across the country were simply asked, “What is the number one issue facing home buyers in your market today?” Two-thirds of the respondents responded with lack of inventory or low inventory.

NAEBA Files Brief to the California Supreme Court in Support of Home Buyer

Continuing with its 20-year history of advocating for home buyers, the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents filed an Amicus Curiae or “friend of the court” brief on behalf of the plaintiff in a case currently before the California Supreme Court. In his suit Horiike v. Coldwell Banker, plaintiff Hiroshi Horiike contends that even though the listing agent was originally contracted by the seller, because the listing agent was an agent of the same broker and in the same brokerage as his buyer agent, the listing agent also owed him, the buyer, representation as well.

NAEBA Celebrates 20 Years of Protecting Home Buyers

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EXCLUSIVE BUYER AGENTS (NAEBA) is celebrating its 20th year of protecting real estate consumers and promoting the Common Law of Agency in real estate. Until the 1980’s, all real estate agents represented the seller in a real estate transaction. With the advent of Exclusive Buyer Agency, where a real estate brokerage only represents the buyer in any transaction, rights and protection were also developed for buyers by eliminating any perceived conflicts of interest.

Buyer Agent - Eye View: Columbus

Columbus real estate poses opportunities, challenges to millennial home buyers 

According to a new survey by BMO Harris, the majority of young adults intend to become homeowners sometime within the next five years. The survey sampled adults aged 18 to 34, and debunks the theory that millennials are less interested in home ownership than the generations before them.

Buyer Agent - Eye View: Southeastern Michigan

Our agents work primarily in Washtenaw County as well as some of the suburbs Northwest and West of Detroit which are in Wayne and Oakland Counties. The Ann Arbor market is greatly influence by the University of Michigan, the three major hospitals, and the High Technology companies in the area.

On the far West side of our County closer to Jackson Michigan the market is a bit soft, but in most of our coverage area there are more buyers than there are desirable properties.

Bottom line, this is still a seller's market.

Buyer Agent - Eye View: Orlando

Orlando Real Estate Market Pulse

Orlando, Florida, 2014, is back to being a hot spot for home buying. Orlando real estate property values increased 28% in the past year, with 53% of home sales bought with cash.  The real estate recovery is better in Orlando than in any other major city in Florida.  New construction is booming and many big projects are underway to put Orlando on the map as a world class city.

Orlando Improvement Projects

Buyer Agent - Eye View: Greenwich, CT Area

There is a lot to fall in love with in Greenwich, but before a home buyer falls in love with a particular home, it is wise to learn value differentials.   Within the many neighborhoods in town, it may come as a surprise just how widely prices can vary.   The differences are not only driven by location but also by factors that are not as obvious.   Take for example the reasonably consistent Mid-Country area of Greenwich (Mid-Country is in the center of town, north of Putnam Ave, and South of the Merritt Parkway.