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NAEBA Calls on Congress to Establish a Federal Mandate for Real Estate Agency Disclosure

The National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents (NAEBA) released a letter to Congress today urging members to include real estate agency disclosure language in legislation relating to mortgage lending reform, including the Anti-Predatory Lending Act and the ongoing discussion over the formation of a Financial Products Safety Commission.

Why Use an Exclusive Buyer Agent?

  • Only an Exclusive Buyer Agent (often called an Exclusive Buyer's Broker) can GUARANTEE to represent you in your home purchase.
  • Only an EBA can GUARANTEE to negotiate on your behalf.
  • An EBA provides the true facts as to value, market/neighborhood conditions, and obvious physical defects.
  • The high level of negotiation training and expertise of an EBA truly levels the playing when it is time to make an offer on a property.

Protection During the Home Buying Process

Enjoy peace of mind during the home buying process by planning ahead and finding a buyer agent before you shop for your new home. The ideal agent, one exclusively representing real estate buyers, can be found through an interview based on the kind of questions they hope buyers will ask of them. Don’t make the mistake of finding your agent through an Open House or calling the Listing Agent or real estate office about a particular home.

A NAEBA real estate agent has no hidden agenda. They only represent the buyer

Real Estate Negotiations are Handled by a Home Buying Expert Home buying assistance from exclusive buyer’s agents focus on negotiations since they devote their work to the buying side and are considered home buying experts. They understand that home buyers value their negotiation skills and that ‘everything is negotiable’ in real estate. Not just price but terms, conditions, contract clauses, disclaimers, exclusions, and dates.

No Compromise. How a NAEBA agent gets you a better buy

A better selection of homes to choose from is the goal of many home buyers as they set out to buy their next home. One way of achieving a greater ‘inventory’ of homes to select from is to choose agents who are exclusively representing real estate buyers. These exclusive buyer’s agents have made the commitment to identify all homes in the marketplace, including homes listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).