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Questions that Consumers Should Ask When Seeking an Agent Referral

Questions that Consumers Should Ask When Seeking an Agent Referral. 0

Many consumers are looking online to find a real estate agent and new companies are taking advantage of this every day seeing it as a quick way to make money in the real estate industry. Each new referral service promises to have the best agents, but do they really?

The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA), as part of its mission to protect the interests of real estate consumers, has compiled a list of questions real estate buyers should consider prior to finding a real estate agent through one of these services. “Just as real estate agents aren’t all the same, the companies referring agents aren’t all the same,” states Dawn Rae, 2015-2017 NAEBA President. “While all are free to the consumer, if an agent has to pay an upfront fee, the best agents may not participate in the service. In addition, some provide more services to the consumer such as researching the agents who are part of the service and assisting the consumer throughout the process rather than simply providing the agent’s name and contact information.”

Some of the questions included in the list are:

     *  Do your agents practice dual agency?
     *  What type of research is done before adding an agent to your service?
     *  Is there any criteria agents must meet in order to remain part of your service?

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